H&M Varnish

I picked up a cute set of varnishes from H&M the other day. Four shades and one matte top coat for £4.99. Bargain. 
Matte,Black Glitter,Red,Blue Glitter,Pink Glitter

They need a couple of coats to get the best out of them and take a few minutes to dry so it's a bit time consuming, but overall they're not a bad bunch considering the price.

Here are the polishes on after 2 coats each.
 Blue Glitter
 Pink Glitter
Black Glitter (more like grey glitter)
Matte on Red
                                                          *note to self: improve nail painting skills*

The glitter in the paints is more of a gold shimmer and looks much better in real life. I'm going to have to improve my photo taking skills too!

Have you found any bargain sets recently? What do you think of these H&M varnishes?


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