Geometric Glitter

So today I decided to paint my nails and could not for-the-life-of-me decide what colour to use...then I found a Barry M that I hadn't used since Christmas and created this easy peasy gem:

'Raspberry' Barry M
Fearne Cotton (Taupe shade)
'Gold Mirror' W7

Now I think about it, it kinda looks Christmassy!
 Maybe I should have saved this post for later

I'm a massive fan of budget brands like W7, which can be found in places like B&M Bargains in the UK, and I tend to collect nail varnishes from Christmas and Birthday sets such as the Fearne Cotton range that was in Boots last year. I'll buy random shades that I love from more expensive brands but I usually come across stuff accidentally. And to be honest, the cheaper the better for me.
This nail art was mega easy to do. I used bog-standard sellotape to mark off the sections and used a toothpick to add the dots when it was dry.



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